She Heals I Tank: A Weekly FFXIV Podcast

Episode 74: Live Letter 36

Hey all of you out there in Eorzea, thank you for joining us again for another episode of She Heals I Tank. This is episode 74 of the SHIT podcast. Before we get into what we went over this week, just take a look at this new site that Avi made for us. So much better than the last one.

This week the big news was from the Producer Live Letter 36 from Germany. We finally got some details on the battle system changes that they have been teasing since the first fan fest. We will be discussing new role abilities, job gauges, new job abilities, PvP changes among many other things from the live letter. If you haven’t watched the job action video you can check it out here.

Besides that, don’t forget to catch the Culling Time edition of Duty Commenced and the the regular version of Duty Commenced the next day.

In the Greenleaf Minute we are talking about server transfers. There were some changes you’re going to want to know about. If you need to transfer servers, check out the World Transfer Service page on the lodestone so you be sure to do all the things you need to to be able to transfer.

We are still running the survey we created for the best of Heavensward. We are calling it the HeavensAwards. Be sure to check out and take the survey.

The live letter really delivered and hopefully this episode delivered as well. I can’t thank all of you listeners enough, you make it pleasure to do this every week. Whether you join us live or listen later on the podcast we appreciate that you choose to spend your time with us and we’ll try not to waste it. Have fun playing FFXIV, we’ll be back to talk to you next week. Cheers!

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