She Heals I Tank: A Weekly FFXIV Podcast

Episode 75: HeavensAwards Winners

Hey all of you out there in Eorzea, thank you for joining us again for another episode of She Heals I Tank. This is episode 75 of the SHIT podcast. Before we get into what we went over this week, I want to mention again that Avi made a new website for She Heals I Tank. So much better than the last one. It would help us a ton if you could spread the word and retweet when we tweet out this episode to get some traffic to the site to get our ranking back up.

Anywho, a little of business to get out of the way first. I haven’t really been feeling like DrinkAbout Eorzea fits well into the podcast as a whole. I love the idea though and love making the videos. We’ve also been wanting to stream more than just the podcast as well. So we’re going to make our first official addition to our streaming schedule with Thirsty Thursdays. We’ll always be drinking one of our DrinkAbout Eorzea drink and debuting a new one every other week. (Hopefully)

But let’s get into what you’ll hear in this episode if you’re so generous as to give us your valuable time and listen. We put our HeavensAwards survey out to the FFXIV community and we go over all the results and announce the winners. In the news we go over the 14 days of FFXIV twitter screen shot challenge, the pressence FFXIV will have at E3, there is a video of the PS4 dynamic theme where we spotted some new minions, we went over the new mogstation optional items and of course we talk about the Make It Rain Campaign that just started.

We had a lot to go over this week, I hope it was entertaining to everyone. Let us know what you thought by leaving a comment, sending us an email shehealsitank@gmail.com or tweeting us @shehealsitank

Talk to ya next week. Cheers!

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