She Heals I Tank: A Weekly FFXIV Podcast

Episode 77: See You In Stormblood

Hey all you SHITheads out there. Can you fucking believe it. We’re only 3 days before early access for Stormblood, we can’t frickin’ wait. This week it’s all about preparing for Stormblood. The Greenleaf minute is about prepping for Stormblood, we go over the latest live letter from E3 that is all out Stormblood. I think the biggest reveal is that we’re only getting 2 dungeons on the even numbered patches and 1 on the odd number patches. That’s only 3 dungeons roughly every 6 months. We’re now at half the amount of dungeons per patch on average when compared to A Realm Reborn. In addition to going over the live letter, we go over the melee dps shared abilities, ranged dps shared abilities and casters shared abilities to make sure you know what is going on for Stormblood.

Of course we go over what we were up to in game this week, but to be honest we we’re really busy in our personal lives this week and didn’t have a ton of time to play.

We can’t be more hyped for Stormblood. I’ll definitely be streaming my whole experience going through the MSQ. I can’t wait to experience playing through it, hearing what other people think and seeing what type of new content Square Enix has in store for us. With that being said, expect a much more hyped up Vegan Pete next week. Rest assured we will be spoiler free, we should be talking about how our job play with new abilities and with some being removed. Largely crafting has been ignored in live letters, I’m interested to find out if anything major has changed with that.

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