She Heals I Tank: A Weekly FFXIV Podcast

Episode 88: Patch 4.1 Live Letter

Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another episode of the SHIT podcast. This is episode 88 of the SHIT podcast, unfortunately Avi is recovering from being sick and losing her voice. She’s just getting it back and while she did a great job getting through the episode y’all have a little over abundance of Pete talking.

The bulk of the discussion this week is about the latest producer live letter which was part 1 of a preview for patch 4.1. The big piece of content we’ve been asking for information about for the last two weeks was missing though. Still no information on Eureka. Hopefully we get some during the part 2 preview, but I’m guessing Eureka will come with patch 4.15 or 4.2. While it’s disappointing I’d rather them get it right than release a diadem 3.0. I can be upset about it even if Avi doesn’t agree.

In other news, there are some more optional items available on the Mogstation so go get your glamour on.  And I know everyone was clamoring for the Yokai event to be active again. Practically all of our emails from listeners was about when they will have a chance at Yokai again. /sarcasm Well they listened to you and the Yokai event is going on again… for some reason. Have fun doing that.

Of course as always we talk about what we got up to in game this week. For the first time since creation tomes we both capped! Avi’s gearing up here Scholar with her Summoner and is ready to fill in with Pete’s raid group this week for Omega Savage. Pete made good progress on Omega 3 Savage but hasn’t beat it yet. He’s now leveled half of his crafters to 70 and is hoping to have the rest done soon. He finally got his monk to 70 and trying to get leet dps.

We hope you enjoy the show even though we we’re under the weather. As always, we love to hear from you. Tweet us @shehealsitank or email us shehealsitank@gmail.com We hope you have a great week playing FFXIV and a great week in real life. Cheers!

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