She Heals I Tank: A Weekly FFXIV Podcast

Episode 97: Vegan Pete Shaves

Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another episode of the SHIT podcast. This is episode 97 of the SHIT podcast and we are fresh off our Extra Life 2017 Stream for Children’s Hospitals. We are pleased to say we surpassed our goal of $500 and we raised $760 for our local Children’s Hospital. Because we met and surpassed our goal of $500 Pete’s beard was shaved on stream. We’ll get a clip of it to post to youtube but until then you can go check the Twitch archive to check it out. Full disclosure I had to quit a few hours short of the 24 hours so I’ll be helping the FFXIV Content Creators Extra Life group try to hit our goal this weekend and stream again.

As for the show this week, we finally came to a compromise for a subscriber wall. In the news, the Maiden’s Rhapsody event has been recycled and we got a “preview” for patch 4.15. Really, the big news this week was that Bahamut Ultimate was finally taken down. We discuss what role Ultimate plays from now on, if it was worth giving up dungeons for and if it should become a regular thing.

Of course we always talk about the latest information for FFXIV, but really this episode is a big thank you to all of you who donated or stopped by our Extra Life stream to support us. I can’t tell you enough how thankful we are for your support. In addition to our Extra Life team, in the Community Roundup we talk about one of our great listeners who also hosts multiple podcasts. His name is Chille and he says this Friday he is having his most important stream ever at 8am PST. So tune in to http://twitch.tv/psulive and see the great stuff he’s doing.

We hope you enjoy the show, we enjoyed making it. As always, we love to hear from you. Tweet us @shehealsitank or email us shehealsitank@gmail.com We hope you have a great week playing FFXIV and a great week in real life. Cheers!

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