She Heals I Tank: A Weekly FFXIV Podcast

Episode 98: Interviews With Yoshi-P

Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another episode of the SHIT podcast. This is episode 98 of the SHIT podcast and let me first apologize for being a day late. I was pretty under the weather and just couldn’t go yesterday. But I was feeling better today, thank you to everyone who sent well wishes.

In the greenleaf minute this week Avi is helping out all of you who have questions about the limit break gauge. When you should use it, the different types etc. And as a general PSA, don’t let your limit break go to waste.

In the news this week it seems Square Enix is trying to build the hype for patch 4.2, we have 3 interviews that we go over. They are from Playstation Universe, mmorpg.com and jeuxonline. You can visit those sites to see the full interviews. Discussing those interviews took up the bulk of the time, hopefully we made them entertaining for you.

For the Community Roundup we talk about one of our favorite YouTubers Larryzaur. His Basically, Scholar video he just released is a ton of fun and you need to go watch it.

We hope you enjoy the show, we enjoyed making it. As always, we love to hear from you. Tweet us @shehealsitank or email us shehealsitank@gmail.com We hope you have a great week playing FFXIV and a great week in real life. Cheers!

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