She Heals I Tank: A Weekly FFXIV Podcast

Episode 106: Potter Pete

Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another episode of the SHIT podcast. This is episode 106 of the SHIT podcast. I’m still now sure exactly how it happened, but Twitch chat decided that Pete looked like Harry Potter so Avi drew a lighting bolt scar on him and the chat decided this episode name would be Potter Pete. Regardless of how we got there, it was a lot of fun. In case you didn’t know we do this podcast live each week at 6:30pm PST at www.twitch.tv/shehealsitank. The more the merrier we’d love to see you live.

In the Greenleaf Minute this week we are going over how to get the mount speed boost in A Realm Reborn and Heavensward areas. You’re going to need a lot of allied and centurio seals.

In the news this week we got previews for the Glamour Dresser, the new Beast Tribe, and the changes to The Feast. There is a decent amount of stuff that will keep us busy in 4.2 but it will really be 4.25 that will be a make or break for FFXIV. In addition to the news we discuss a reddit topic to decided if it’s ok to pay a tank or healer for quick queues. And you all won’t believe it, but Avi had some crafting question and Pete does his best to answer them. We also go over the recap and reaction to episode 5 of Daddy of Light.

For the community round up this week we’re talking about Ariyala’s site. http://ffxiv.ariyala.com We usually tell you to go there to figure out melds, but this time to help you out with getting allied and centurio seals you can go to the hunt tracker to see what mobs or up or not.

We hope you enjoy the show, we enjoyed making it. As always, we love to hear from you. Tweet us @shehealsitank or email us shehealsitank@gmail.com We hope you have a great week playing FFXIV and a great week in real life. Cheers!

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